Just Jake # 1

Libro: Just Jake # 1
Autor: Jake Marcionette
Ilustraciones: Victor Rivas
Editor: Penguin Young Readers
Idioma: English

Página web: www.justjake.com
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JUST JAKE introduces readers to sixth-grader Jake, whose life is turned upside down when his family moves from Florida to Maryland, where Jake must adapt to a new school. Jake has always ranked the kids at school in his hand-made, humorous “Kid Cards,” and when he arrives at his new school, Jake starts building a new collection, befriending as many people as he can while staying under the radar from the school bully.  But what happens when the school bully decides Jake's next in line for annihilation and his Kid Cards get into the wrong hands?!! JUST JAKE is a genuine—and as Jake himself would say, AWESOME!—world of school, family, friends, and teachers; it’s the product of a writer talented well beyond his years.

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