Just Jake #3

Libro: Just Jake #3 camp wild survival
Autor: Jake Marcionette
Ilustración portada e interiores: Victor Rivas
Grosset & Dunlap (January 05, 2016)

Idioma: English
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Jake Ali Mathews and his unique brand of AWESOMENESS is back!

With summer break finally here, Jake Ali Mathews is looking forward to some relaxing kid time. But his dad has different ideas of what Jake's summer should look like. And soon enough, Jake, his dad, and his diabolical sister, Alexis, are on their way to Camp Wild Survial, hosted by celebrity wildnerness survivalist, Thunder Banks. All is not as it seems and soon, the Mathews family and their friends find themselves in some harrowing, not to mention hilarious, situations. Will Jake's brand of AWESOMENESS be enough to come out at the other end of summer break alive?