Snowize & Snitch: Highly Effective Defective Detectives

Libro: Snowize & Snitch. Highly effective Defective Detectives
Autora: Karen Briner
Ilustración portada e interiores: Víctor Rivas
Holiday House
Idioma: English (April, 29,2016)
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Ever Indigo Nikita Stein (or "Einstein," as her classmates at the School for Children of Gifted Parents mockingly call her) knows she’s a magnet for bad luck. How else can she explain her parents’ mysterious disappearance nine years ago? Since then she’s lived with the Doc―a sweet, reclusive inventor of invisible ice cream―feeling inadequate and a bit lonely.  Things get worse the day Ever discovers the Doc has gone missing. Inventors like him are in trouble worldwide. The only ones who can help Ever save him and catch the perpetrator of these crimes against ingenious humanity is an unlikely pair: Harry Snowize, a once-intrepid spy, and Snitch, a dignified rat. As the case takes the trio from Africa to Asia to Europe and back, Ever comes to realize that perhaps she’s not so inadequate after all. 

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