Seymour Strange How to trick a one-eved ghost

Libro: Seymour Strange How to trick a one-eved ghost
Autor: Susan Lurie
Ilustración portada e interiores: Victor Rivas
Blue Apple Books (February, 24, 2016)
Idioma: English
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Want to know about ghostly goings-on? Just ask Seymour. He hears all about them--from the ghosts themselves! Paranormal plots and an anxiously awkward almost-hero will draw phantom fans to this eerily funny debut authored by the editor of the Goosebumps series.
Susan Lurie offers a just-right mix of humor and kooky-creepiness for young readers with a taste for "horror" that isn't too intense or scary in this latest title in the I Can Read Chapters series. These paperbacks (with a smaller trim size and denser text) are just right for kids with growing reading competence who are ready to move on from Blue Apple's Jump-Into-Chapter series.


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