Presentación e firmas en Banda Deseñada, Vigo.

O sábado vémonos en BD!!!
Ledicia e máis eu asinaremos todo o que veña do Alén Mundo!!
Na libraría BD, Portela nº 3 No Calvario ó final do paseo.


Abecederio ilustrado

Libro: Abecedario Ilustrado
Autor: Carles Cano
Ilustración letra D: Víctor Rivas
Editor: Anaya/Xerais/Barcanova (Octubre 1, 2016)
Idioma: Castellano, Galego, Català
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Podes mercar aquí en galego


The Code Busters Club #6 The secret of the puzzle box

Libro: The Code Busters Club #6 The secret of the puzzle box
Autor: Juliet Blackwell
Ilustración portada: Víctor Rivas
Darby Creek (Septembre 1, 2016)
Idioma: English
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The Code Busters are excited for their class field trip to Angel Island, known as the Ellis Island of the West. One of Mika's ancestors passed through the island's immigration station in the early twentieth century, and Mika thinks he may have left behind some secret messages . . . plus a very special box. But as the Code Busters search for hints from the past, they get caught up in an even bigger secret.

Can you crack the code? Test your brain with the Code Busters to see if you have the right stuff to be an ace detective. Answers are in the back, in case you get stuck.